Monday, October 8, 2007

A Little Magic for Halloween...

This post has a couple of special things listed, so please read through. I am teaching a class which I have information about pasted below and a Magical treat for celebrating Halloween!

This month I will be teaching a class on Manifesting Your Desires. This is a couple steps beyond the “Secret” in that I specifically talk about the mental and emotional reality of making real physical changes in your life. I think you will find this interesting. If you have any questions please contact me at or just contact the store to register for the class. Please note that I need a minimum of 4 people registered for the class to happen. Hope to see you there!!


With Anne Marie Sunday October 21 11-12:30 $45
We all can and deserve to make our desires come true. All that is needed is your attention, time and knowing how to use the universal Law of Attraction.

You will learn some very easy steps and techniques that can be used in any area of your life. In fact, by just coming to this class you have set the wheels of change in motion and begun the process of Manifesting Your Desires! Min 4

Store Location:
Open Doors
395A Washington St., Braintree, MA 02184

A Little Magic for Halloween
The celebration of Halloween dates back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced sow-in). Also known as the Witch’s New Year, it marks the end of summer and the final harvest. The nights grow long, the chill winds set in, and the dark, cold winter begins.
This is a special night when the veils between worlds grow thin, spirits are easily contacted, and the different realms are more easily accessed. It is a powerful night for magic, psychic activity and communicating with the dead.

If you so dare to communicate with the spirit world, here is a magical incantation that I have used myself on this magical night:

Photo of the person you would like to contact
1 white candle
1 black candle
Dragons blood or Dove’s blood ink
Quill pen, or even better a black or white feather quill
Parchment paper

Place the photo where you can easily view it and situate the candles in safe and fire proof containers. The black candle is to be placed on the left and the white candle on the right of the photo. Light both candles and focus your energy on the photo, place your positive intention with the assistance of the angles on contacting the person you desire, visualize that person as being there and aware, begin to write a letter using the parchment paper, ink and quill. Place the persons name on the top center of the parchment. You may say and ask anything you like but continually focus your energy on the person in the photo, look at their face, see their eyes dancing with light and recognition.
Finish your letter with the highest intention of “With harm to none including myself. As above so below, so be it”.
Fold this letter three times and place the letter and the photo under your pillow. As you fall asleep visualize the person you want to contact, think about contacting them, think about them, call out to them with your mind and just allow yourself to fall asleep with them on your mind. Allow the candles to safely burn in your room throughout the night. Please make sure they are in safe and fire proof containers.

Happy dreaming!!!