Thursday, August 28, 2008

August Eclipses, Karma, and Grounding into the Present

Wow, it’s been a while since I made an entry. I wanted to take some time off, turn inwards, take care of some things, and to enjoy the summer. I did, even if it was a little bumpy at times. I do have to say I have been able to make some big steps forward and really let things go. This particular news letter will be a two part series with some great info on the energetic changes and opportunities we are all being presented with and things that we can do and implement in our routine to make positive changes and improvements in your life.

Augusts Eclipses, Your Karma, and How To Keep Grounded Into The Present

August in particular had some crazy energy fluctuations! We had a rare solar eclipse in Leo on the 1st of the month then the next week on the 8th was the power of the date 888 (8,8,2008; which if you add up comes to 8), then the next weekend was the follow up lunar eclipse in Aquarius on the 16th (the pictures you see are of the eclipses from AP and Reuters).

All this energy had to do with karma; turning inward, becoming aware of the patterns, facing it, and the challenge of releasing it all to really be able to move out of denseness into lighter energy, bring in more light, and truly become creators of our futures. Karma, very simply put, is patterns of energy that are held in our etheric bodies and our physical bodies. There is also group conciseness karma that can pertain to relationships, family, countries, and even humanity as a whole.

Sometimes we can feel karma is dictating our life, our future and that we don’t have any control, its destiny. Some even feel that it is punishment. One thing we all forget when we come into this world is that we ultimately have a choice. And most importantly we have a choice as to whether we want to continue to let karma dictate what is to happen and our behavior. It is much easier to just play victims of karma than it is to have the courage to face the issues around our karma. It can be easier to place the responsibility outside of ourselves and point fingers but it doesn’t resolve anything and many times just exacerbates the issues involved. That is why we are seeing what we are seeing going on around this earth at this time. It’s all about facing the stuff inside ourselves and the stuff we’ve allowed ourselves to become part of.

So we are all experiencing quite a bit of chaos, uncertainty, and physical reactions through all this. I have found that many people I speak with have been experiencing exhaustion and neck and back discomfort or injuries; including myself. Keep in mind we are purging our karma on many levels and that is what we are feeling; the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical purging. But all this purging means new space in our beings and our paths to create what we truly desire without restriction of the past. That’s truly a gift!

Right now, amongst all this opportunity, change, and chaos happening in the world and the human consciousness, even down to the hectic day to day stuff of our lives it is really important to stay grounded and bring our awareness back to the present while in a detached manner* planning for the future. This will really help keep our focus on the opportunities now arising, our sanity, and be able to more clearly see what it is time to let go of and change. Staying grounded helps us distress, and most importantly helps us appreciate what we have today. This brings us peace, clarity, teaches us acceptance, and helps us detach ourselves from what is holding us back by not allowing distraction to cloud the reality of today.

This doesn’t mean denying that something isn’t pleasant, this means accepting today for what it is and not letting it dictate where you are going and how you are experiencing your life. By grounding you recharge your batteries, gain focus, and can let go of what doesn’t belong to you**.

You become attuned to nature and the planet you live on, are made of, and need to survive. You gain better understanding of the cycles of nature and how you are a part of them, how you affect nature, and in turn you gain insight in how to live to benefit and add to nature and the collective consciousness.

You can start by stopping, sitting or laying somewhere comfortable, and really take in a deep breath. Be silent, close your eyes and bring your awareness to your breath without judgment on what you notice going on in your body, just awareness. Feel yourself breathing; listen to the breath as it moves in and out. Begin by scheduling this into your life. Either, while on your lunch break or even lying in bed preparing to go to sleep but schedule it into your day. It doesn’t need to be more than 5 minutes, but if you can do this for 15 minutes, even better! If you miss a day that’s fine, don’t judge yourself, just do it that day when you notice you missed one.

In the next few weeks I will post the next steps to take for grounding. First you must practice bringing your awareness back into you, back into the moment (right now)….

* Being detached from the future means that you are not stuck to an outcome. Place your intention / plan and let things unfold; shifting direction if something is not liked.

** In your day to day experiences you can pick up negativity from your environment and the people around you and hold it in your own energy field and body creating imbalance, stress, and physical discomfort.

Posted by Anne Marie Wells 8/28/2008

Friday, April 4, 2008

Are You Aware of the Power of Words and the Effects They Have?

As I was working on changing my life and setting my new intentions it really became clear to me how important the wording of the intentions is. Slight variances can have dramatic results or guide you in a completely different direction from where you want to be. If you really think about it the power of words on your life and the life all around you is amazing. I have seen the difference in results of talking nicely and angrily to a plant. And yet we use words everyday without really thinking of the impact we create with them. This inspired me to write this months entery....
The Power of Words

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the Spirit of God was moving over the face of the waters. And God said, “Let there be light” and there was light ….In the beginning there was the Word” (Genesis)

Words have their own individual vibrational frequencies and they have a power of their own that influences the entire world. Each one of us has an ability to change the world by realizing the power of words.

To understand this lets first start from this viewpoint, the average human starts out life being 99% water as a fetus. When you are born you are 90% water. By adulthood your body is 70% water.

Through out your life you exist mostly as water. This connection applies to all people all over the world. In fact our world is 70% covered by water and is the only planet in our universe thus far discovered that has it.

It is the means by which nourishment is circulated through out your body and serves as a transporter of energy. You can only survive three days without it.

Across many cultures water is representative of emotions and a means of purification by cleansing. Many religions, from Christianity to Buddhism, use water to purify and cleanse. In Esoteric studies it also represents the cosmic consciousness.

Water, the universal solvent that is biologically critical for proliferation of life, is believed by scientists to be a by-product of star formation.

Dr. Masaru Emoto who wrote The Hidden Messages In Water spent more than 10 years studying the crystal formations of water and through his studies found out just how much impact words have on them.

In wanting to find physical evidenced of the ability of water to memorize information Dr. Masaru and his researcher began photographing water crystals. He used one hundred types of water in one hundred different Petri dishes. They were frozen at -20°C for three hours in a freezer which resulted in the formation of drops of ice in the Petri dishes about one millimeter across. The crystals appeared when they shined a light on the crowns of the drops of ice, which they then photographed.

They began experimenting by using only distilled water from the grocery store and exposing the water to different types of music and then words. They were astounded by the results. The variety of crystal shapes that were formed by both positive and negative words was amazing and unmistakable. Positive words created beautiful well-formed crystals that at times resembled the meaning of the words where negative words barely formed any crystals at all and were more often ill formed or completely dispersed.

Dr. Masaru states “water is the mirror to the soul…by aligning itself with the consciousness of human beings. To understand how water has this ability first you must understand this fact: existence is vibration”.

The science of quantum mechanics acknowledges that substance is nothing more than vibration. The entire universe is in a state of vibration and each thing generates its own frequency. What vibrates also creates a sound although you are not able to hear every one of them.

In the journal 21st Century Science and Technology, Warren Hamerman wrote that human beings generate a frequency that can be represented by sounds at approximately forty-two octaves above middle C.

Crystal formations of water are effected by words because they are vibration. Water mirrors all the vibrations created in the world, and these vibrations can then take on a form that can be seen with the human eye.

I’d like you to ask yourself if you haven’t had a similar experience. You enter a room and the atmosphere feels heavy and tense. You look around and see two people looking just plain ticked-off and fuming and you can tell that they have just finished having an argument. What I want you to think about is why you could feel that tension and heaviness before you knew what had happened.

Your emotions and feelings have an effect on the world moment by moment. If you send out words and feelings of creativity, love, and healing then you will be contributing to the creation of a beautiful world. However, emitting messages of hate and destruction, you contribute to the destruction of the universe.

Being aware of words is equally important when speaking to others. Everyone knows how draining it is to be around people who complain or gossip all the time. However we are drawn like magnets to cheerful people who make us laugh and fill us with energy. Based on the principals of vibration for every negative emotion there is an exactly opposite positive emotion, yin and yang.

An old Mother Goose rhyme goes “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words may never hurt me”. We all now know different. Words can hurt they can also heal and nourish.

Doctors of Alternative Medicines know that ailments are largely a result of negative emotions that can cloud your perception of the world and yourself. They can damage your body, mind, and spirit. If you can positively alter the cause of such emotions, you have the capacity to recover from illness.

Words are an expression of the soul. Thus the condition of your soul is very likely to have an enormous impact on the water that composes as much as 70% of your body and the impact will in no small way affect your bodies. Generally people who are in good health are in good spirits.

Change your life for the better by being aware of the things you say and choosing positive words to communicate with others. If you are constantly putting yourself down then you will no doubt feel as such. However, if you give yourself positive affirmations and words of gratitude you will feel more positive about yourself to aspire to such qualities. You will then be able to do the same for others.

This frozen water sample was taken from the Fujiwara Dam lake in Japan.

This is a sample from the same lake after a one-hour prayer conducted beside the dam by chief priest of the Jyuhouin Temple after the first sample was taken. The difference is truly stunning!

by Anne Marie


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Monday, March 3, 2008

2012, Understanding the Spiritual Shift through Meditation

As many of you know I am currently in the process of getting my yoga teacher certification and I recently came accross this interesting idea of using Vipassana meditation to understand the upcoming spiritual change of 2012. Since I so often get asked about the upcoming shift I think this would be a great way of gaining a deeper understanding of how you could be affected and what change you might want to make within yourself.
Understanding 2012 with Meditation

There are many predictions for the coming change in the year 2012; from it being called the end of time, the end of the world, and cataclysmic events, to an elevation in conscious awareness, a time of truth, higher vibration and unconditional love, and a true connection with Source.

Personally, from everything that I have read on this subject, I believe there are many levels to this change. There will be changes felt on the material, mental, and spiritual plane. 2012 is the end of a galactic cycle, an evolutionary shift, a group consciousness shift. It is a change in the vibrational frequency of the planet and therefore all the living beings on it. How you will be affected is up to you. If you are attached to the old ways and fear letting go then you will experience the cataclysmic effects many have predicted and speak about. If you let go and welcome the Source into your heart and life, if you remove the veils of illusion, and allow change to happen then the experience will be much easier and much more beautiful. You will be able to see beyond the initial chaos of change. Some of the key factors of experiencing this change are your perception and control of the fluctuations of your mind, and an ability to allow change to happen. Some additional factors are the understanding and acceptance of truth and unconditional love.

For now I will be talking about my understanding of the coming spiritual change. We will experience a great spiritual awakening. There will be many who will have a difficult time with it and there are many who are already waking up in preparation. There are even some who will be called upon by greater powers to assist others in shifting. We will be given the opportunity to truly experience our connection with source, our connection to each other, animals, plants, Earth, and our Universe. Through the complete abandonment of our ego we will reconnect with our divine selves on the deepest level. The veil of illusion and its consequent limitations will be lifted and truth will prevail on all levels. Our vibrations will be raised to new highs, and we will truly become beacons of unconditional love.

Interestingly, in my readings and studies I have come across the concept of using Vipassana meditation as a method of spiritual teaching to understand and experience the upcoming galactic shift of 2012.

John Major Jenkins in the book The Mysteries of 2012 proposes ‘that Mayan mystics practiced yoga and breathing meditation…called vipassana meditation.’ This method focuses on the breath cycle and is sometimes referred to as “insight meditation”. This technique fosters insight into the deep connections of mind and matter through experiential observation.

He further states that in various paintings and carvings Mayan kings and shamans are depicted sitting on their thrones in the full lotus position. This sitting position is and was used for sitting in meditation for long periods of time and encourages proper breathing through pranayama or breath control. The breath cycle maps onto the peaks and troughs of the great Mayan 26,000 year cycle of precession that, with the year 2012, will be coming to completion (still point of maximum in-breath).

Cycles have movements of increase and decrease, for example the moon waxes and wanes. There is a center point between the increase and the decrease of cycles. This is the still point of the maximum in-breath. This point is comparable to our universes’ galactic center; it is like midday, the highest point of light. This is union with the Source. The precession cycles’ beginning and end point is the galactic alignment that will occur on 12/21/2012; the winter solstice.

There is also a center point between the decrease and increase of cycles. This is the still point of maximum out-breath. Mr. Jenkins calls this furthest point the galactic midnight, the point between death and rebirth. This is the furthest point away from the center, the furthest point from Source. He calls this point a doorway beyond the fluctuating cycles of time where you can experience the still of eternity.

By entering the still point alignment of midday and midnight, waxing and waning, death and rebirth, male and female, yin and yang, we reach a spiritual elevation that transcends the cycles of time; a place where the illusions of lower vibrational/plane awareness are revealed.

The key is the breath, the link to our divine self. The conscious breath is being present, it means being aware/awake to the truth within. It means being conscious of our actions, our desires, our emotions, our visions, and our love. When this happens clarity is achieved. With clarity illusions are let go of, we draw the blinds back and light illuminates our soul. We are once again reunited with our divine self and our reality is expanded. Our understanding of reality and how we function in it is expanded. It is then when we can truly understand how to truly live in joy and follow our bliss. To love with an open heart! This is the spiritual change of 2012.

by Anne Marie 3/2008

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Aquarius Solar Eclipse/New Moon: February 6, 2008

As this is a big year for promising change and this is quite a significant planetary event that strongly effects everyone I posted the following astrology reading from AstroFlash...

Aquarius Solar Eclipse/New Moon: February 6, 2008
with Barbara Handclow

It is the New Moon in 18 Aquarius, a potent solar eclipse that energizes Aquarius's search for freedom. This eclipse challenges all the people of Earth to seek spiritual access and peace. In general, Aquarian placements inspire us to consider our personal progress and to weigh its influence on the human collective. What are your personal ideals? Are these treasured gifts honored in the collective field? If you managed to ground yourself and restructure your consciousness during the Capricorn lunation, now you're ready to birth your own true creativity during Aquarius. If you didn't manage to ground and restructure your priorities during Capricorn last month, then as the Aquarius vibrations come in, you may just feel like being an irresponsible rebel. The normal reckless Aquarian tendencies are wildly exaggerated because of the wild stellium of Chiron, Mercury, and Neptune during the New Moon.

This solar eclipse in Aquarius will end up being memorable because all the planets in Aquarius are greatly energized by the eclipse. During solar eclipses, the lunar/ feminine energy blocks the solar/masculine energy; intuition is at an all-time high. People find they just "know" things. This is especially the case with this New Moon because Chiron, Mercury, and Neptune are involved, the key enhancers of clear intuition and healing. Be sure to observe synchronicities on this day!

First, I will analyze this amazing grouping in Aquarius. And I'd like to say that where I really mastered astrology was by studying astrodrama, which is to act out the planetary vibrations, aspects, and signs in their correct positions in the natal chart. If I were playacting this stellium, I think I would try to get Sun/Moon, Mercury/Chiron, and Neptune to buzz their songs like a hive of activated bees.

Stelliums are hard to interpret because the natural essences of each planet are all mixed with the expressions of the other occupants of the range; all the other planets aspecting the stellium are ringing the same bell. Thus, individuals who have two or more planets very closely conjunct in their natal charts (planetary pair or stellium) always have trouble sorting out the unique vibration of each planet. For example, a person who has Mercury conjunct Mars mixes together pure aggressive energy and mental responses. They don't easily know what their mind feels like when it is operating all by itself, which is normally like the flow of computer processing. For someone with Mercury/Mars conjunct, thoughts are charged with aggressive feelings, and taking action always feels mental.

Imagining what this Aquarian combination of energies might create, we begin with Chiron in Aquarius, which has been transforming our bodies and the planet by means of radical new healing forces since 2005 and will continue through 2011. With Chiron in Aquarius occurring during the end of the Mayan Calendar, we are mutating as rapidly as our ancestors were when the first amphibian walked on land and became a reptile three hundred and fifteen million years ago. Mercury retrograde in Aquarius means we can only detect end results by means of our intuition; rational thinking won't work until after February 18. Well, the New Moon solar eclipse in Aquarius will blast open our intuition so much that it will be difficult to remember who we were before. And Neptune in Aquarius has been causing a revolution in the world religions and planetary philosophy since 1998, which will be complete during 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar. As I've noted many times before, we are mutating very rapidly now. This solar eclipse will slam shut a lot of doorways to now-useless patterns.

Mixing these elements together and making them into a delicious paella, our mental transformation will be healing and highly spiritual and brilliant, while our emotions and core sense of self integrate during this massive consciousness opening-the eclipse of the Sun. Do not expect this total reformulation of your mind to be easy. Most people will feel agitated, fearful, ungrounded, and just plain zapped. Since Super Tuesday of the US presidential primaries occurs just before this eclipse, the various candidates will be closing many of the doorways to old patterns. Meanwhile, the aspects to the stellium tell another story: This brilliant reformulation of humanity will arrive and affect our species for a few hours during the eclipse while newly-direct Mars in Gemini trines the stellium and weaves all the Aquarian threads neatly together.
Mars is a big player on Earth right now. Mars went retrograde in Cancer in mid-November on the Bush and 1776 USA Sun and moved all the way back to 24 Gemini (on the USA 1776 Mars), and then went direct January 30, a few days before this New Moon. As soon as Mars pulled back close to the 1776 Mars, the US and Israel began saber rattling at Iran. An attack on Iran still remains a possible outcome during the retrograde Mars in Cancer; however, the USA was so preoccupied by the deepening financial collapse in the housing sector that this neocon agenda was thwarted earlier this month, and may continue to be. Pluto moved into Capricorn on January 26, and new structural patterns are emerging through the US primaries. Watch carefully what the winners of Super Tuesday have to say!

Neptune in 22 Aquarius closely trines Mars in 24 Gemini, which means spiritual forces for peace are very strong. World religious leaders may come forth to demand peace and disarmament. Because Chiron and Mercury are exactly conjunct, and Mercury has just gone retrograde, leaders and individuals will be seized with the knowing that we must purge human killing tendencies. There will be a massive disgust over spilling blood and destroying societies just so that arms manufacturers can have their profits and power-hungry rulers can push people around. This massive knowing will be emotional and mental because of the eclipse, but it will also create new structures due to Pluto moving into Capricorn.

Jupiter in Capricorn is close to Venus in Capricorn (exact 2-1-08), which enhances feminine knowledge and expansion. Many people will see that the return of feminine guidance and leadership is what will stop war and profiteering. Venus/Jupiter in Capricorn sextile Uranus in Pisces, which means the feminine will awaken, which will be very spiritual and enveloping. This sextile suggests that people will just surrender to the coming wave of peace as they melt in waves of love. Yet, with Pluto opposing newly direct Mars, it is hard to predict just how much violence will still be going on. But, regardless of what soldiers and politicians are doing, the vast majority of people on the planet will oppose this behavior. In this sense, war is already gone, and the question left is how many will die before it's over? One thing for sure, there are no longer any winners.
As in the past, human aggression can be tempered by feminine influence, and Saturn in Virgo is helping make this happen. With Saturn in retrograde, deep thought and constant review of our actions is going on. During the New Moon, Saturn trines Venus/Jupiter in Capricorn; this enhances the potential for the rebirth of the feminine. Pluto newly-arrived in Capricorn and Venus/Jupiter in Capricorn trining Saturn in Virgo suggest that the agent for change in human behavior is financial collapse, which has already started. So, to be a bit more graphic, the love and protection of home is a Cancerian and female trait, and as people lose their homes as well as sons and daughters to the martial destructive forces, not enough people will be willing to support war to keep it viable. Too many people are losing their children, money, and homes. This eclipse could be the big turning point in the shift to peace that is prophesized in The Mayan Code.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Make Changes for 2008 through the POWER OF SELF EXPRESSION

Well, it's been a few months since my last entry but boy have they been a few crazy months! Lots of stuff shifting and changing and now it's a whole new year 2008. This year is astrologically and energetically offering us a lot of opportunity to make changes happen that will affect not just ourselves but the collective of the planet. If we stay conscious and present in our choices and where we focus our attention we can band all our energies together and move mountains by 2009!

So through all the craziness that I experienced in the last few months I realized something. I had the opportunity to experience and witness -

The Power of Self Expression

In the past few months it has really become evident to me how important self expression is. Without self expression we become stagnant, unhappy, and feel resentful, sad, angry, and even feeling out of control or lost.

So many of us have been taught by our elders, teachers, and religious institutions to spurn self expression; we have been told that it is disrespectful, disruptive, upsetting, and unhealthy. They have promoted the suppression of it through guilt, and by calling it a weakness or an emotional problem.

To the contrary, I have found that self expression is a key factor in creating a perfect existence! When it is done in a safe and positive manner it creates peace through the expression of our truth; be it vocal, physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental.

Through self expression we become the creator of our reality, our life. It is practicing free will, and it allows us to step out of victimhood.

Oh how much struggle and sadness we create through the suppression of who we are and what we feel! A lack of self expression leads to stagnation by keeping us in a frozen state, unable to move beyond the suppressed expression. We are not able to move anywhere that the suppressed expression cannot move to. The power we feel we have through the process of suppression is an illusion. In fact we give up our power to the suppressed expression.

Think of the stress that suppression of self expression creates! Think of the biochemical and hormonal affects of the act of suppression on our body. It stimulates our autonomic nervous system by affecting a state of fight or flight every time the issue comes to the surface. This in turn effects the hormonal production of the endocrine system and stresses the limbic system which is desperately trying to filter out all the toxins that are being released in our bodies by the stress response. Over long periods of time this can affect muscles creating soreness and stiffness, hypertension which is directly caused by stress, and even affects our organs.

With healthy self expression we create freedom in our lives. There is no more hiding the truth and we can experience great relief from “getting it off our chests”. No longer are we tied down by the fear of “being found out”. We are no longer shackled to the suppression of the expression and the subsequent pain, fear, and quilt that our brain cloaks it with to further perpetuate the continuing suppression of this “horrible” expression. We no longer hide things from ourselves. This is being true to oneself; by accepting every aspect of ourselves!

Self expression gives us a say in creating our future instead of allowing others to do it for us. This brings about a state of self love and self nurturing that can only lead to positive change and growth. It allows for a natural, healthy and joyful flow of pure creative energy (chi, spiritual energy, god energy, what ever you would like to call it). This is the energy that moves, enriches and heals our bodies and our lives; it enlightens every aspect of our lives and the path that lies ahead.

A problem cannot be resolved until it is known. Self expression allows us to clear our emotional blockages through the awareness and integration of our fears and joys. In turn, allowing us to become more understanding and compassionate leading us to attain a new level of consciousness.

Self expression allows for smoother and easier transitions through life’s difficulties and choices by allowing us to be centered in who we are. When we openly express who we are and how we feel we are more in touch with ourselves and therefore more aware of how we are affected by these difficulties and choices; giving us clarity and courage to do the things and make the choices that are best for us and those we love! It creates a balanced state between love and unity (all of us including every life on this planet being interconnected therefore effecting one another through our actions) and separateness (maintaining individuality and free will)

Where would Einstein have ended up if he allowed his misguided teachers to suppress his self expression? They thought him to be an unruly and unintelligent. His parents would have never recognized his genius and we would have never gotten E=MC2. We wouldn’t have had Leonardo daVinci’s beautiful and meaningful paintings using the mathematical science of sacred geometry, Nicolaus Copernicus and his theory that the sun was at the center of our universe and the earth rotated around it, which at the time was viewed as sacrilege, would not have been discussed. And what about the famous European thinkers: the Pholosphes? Who, through their various intellectual interests, expressions, and great risks to their personal safety inspired the European Enlightment that eventually led to the formation of the American Republic? All these self expressions changed millions of lives for hundreds of years!

So go out there and make change happen; empower yourself and others with your beautiful self expression!

By Anne Marie Wells 1/18/2008

Monday, October 8, 2007

A Little Magic for Halloween...

This post has a couple of special things listed, so please read through. I am teaching a class which I have information about pasted below and a Magical treat for celebrating Halloween!

This month I will be teaching a class on Manifesting Your Desires. This is a couple steps beyond the “Secret” in that I specifically talk about the mental and emotional reality of making real physical changes in your life. I think you will find this interesting. If you have any questions please contact me at or just contact the store to register for the class. Please note that I need a minimum of 4 people registered for the class to happen. Hope to see you there!!


With Anne Marie Sunday October 21 11-12:30 $45
We all can and deserve to make our desires come true. All that is needed is your attention, time and knowing how to use the universal Law of Attraction.

You will learn some very easy steps and techniques that can be used in any area of your life. In fact, by just coming to this class you have set the wheels of change in motion and begun the process of Manifesting Your Desires! Min 4

Store Location:
Open Doors
395A Washington St., Braintree, MA 02184

A Little Magic for Halloween
The celebration of Halloween dates back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced sow-in). Also known as the Witch’s New Year, it marks the end of summer and the final harvest. The nights grow long, the chill winds set in, and the dark, cold winter begins.
This is a special night when the veils between worlds grow thin, spirits are easily contacted, and the different realms are more easily accessed. It is a powerful night for magic, psychic activity and communicating with the dead.

If you so dare to communicate with the spirit world, here is a magical incantation that I have used myself on this magical night:

Photo of the person you would like to contact
1 white candle
1 black candle
Dragons blood or Dove’s blood ink
Quill pen, or even better a black or white feather quill
Parchment paper

Place the photo where you can easily view it and situate the candles in safe and fire proof containers. The black candle is to be placed on the left and the white candle on the right of the photo. Light both candles and focus your energy on the photo, place your positive intention with the assistance of the angles on contacting the person you desire, visualize that person as being there and aware, begin to write a letter using the parchment paper, ink and quill. Place the persons name on the top center of the parchment. You may say and ask anything you like but continually focus your energy on the person in the photo, look at their face, see their eyes dancing with light and recognition.
Finish your letter with the highest intention of “With harm to none including myself. As above so below, so be it”.
Fold this letter three times and place the letter and the photo under your pillow. As you fall asleep visualize the person you want to contact, think about contacting them, think about them, call out to them with your mind and just allow yourself to fall asleep with them on your mind. Allow the candles to safely burn in your room throughout the night. Please make sure they are in safe and fire proof containers.

Happy dreaming!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

10 Things You Should Know About Psychic Readings

I dedcided to compile this list from my own experiences as a Psychic Reader and from some of the input I got from clients and their experiences.

1. A psychic reading is based on patterns of events, in fact on your karmic pattern of cause and effect at that moment.

2. The future is not set in stone. It's in a constant fluid motion, just as your life. This actually builds on #1 but adding that you always have a choice in how you act and react to any situation that presents itself. If you don't like where the patters of events are leading to in your reading, you cna take that information and change your choices and how you approach those future events.

3. Being a Psychic does not mean one can read minds. When getting a reading it is best if you tell the reader what you would like to look at. If you leave it up to the reader, she could pick up on something else completely different then what your interested in hearing about. Which can leave you feeling frustrated.

4. Do not play stump the psychic! Not only is it irritating and insulting to the reader but it really does waste your time and money. A 30 minute reading goes by much quicker than you think. If your trying out a new psychic I recommend asking a couple of questions about something that you are very well aware of and see what she gets. That way you can feel comfortable with her abilities and the reader does not feel insulted.

5. Which brings me to the fact that sometimes a reader may not get a good and clear connection with you or the situation being asked about. This can and does happen, it's happened with me before. If you feel that this is the case deffinately speak up. An honest and professional reader will have a five minute policy in place where if you are not satisfied within those first five minutes you could get a refund or referred to another reader. But do keep in mind that this could sometimes be because you are not in a place to hear the truth, so it becomes a defense mechanism. I have had this experience as well.

6. Be aware that just as there are many honest, professional and talented readers there are also many scammers. Here's a few things to keep a look out for:

  • being told there is a curse on you and fo a nominal fee they can fix it.

  • the reader is snapping answers back at you as soon as the question leaves your lips. If thier using cards they need to take a second and pull the cards, even to take a few seconds to focus on your question.

  • the reader tells you to call again the next days as she will have more information. There really is no reason to be continually calling on the same situation day after day. The reading might change slightly from day to day, but unless something significant happenes the reading would not change that drastically.

7. When the situation in question is in a tumultuous and chaotic state and involves more than one quarrent (you), keep in mind that the outcome is also in a state of flux. Going back to #2; this means that choices are continually presenting themselves, it's a time of change, to offer new directions. It's as if the universe has shaken the rug beneath your feet and everything has been thrown up in the air. This makes it a little more difficult to predict the future. It is best to approach these types of readings with questions that are more focussed on intrinsic change rather than the extrinisic activities around you.

8. Don't be affraid to ask questions about the reading, about her methods, or even about how she got into doing this in the first place. A professional reader would never be offended or annoyed. In fact it's important in building a report and the foundation of a good relationship between you and the reader.

9. If you go to multiple readers on the same topic you will most likely get different perspectives on the same topic. It's no different then multiple people seeing an event happen and when you ask them to describe it you will get different descriptions. So keep this in mind when comparing readings.

10. A good reader should not put her personal judgement on the information (this is ego talking). A good reader should just pass the messages to you. BUT, at the same time, do not expect the reader to necessarily know how those images and symbols pertain to you or the question asked. The symbology is something for you to comprehend and apply to the bigger picture of what you are asking about. Just like the image of an apple means one thing to me and something different to you. If you ask the reader, she can try to help you understand the symbology.

Ultimately, Psychic Readings are a wonderful tool to help you understnd yourself in situations that occur in life. The key is to find a reader that feels right for you and to enjoy the reading.

Happy Hunting!!!!