Thursday, July 12, 2007

10 Things You Should Know About Psychic Readings

I dedcided to compile this list from my own experiences as a Psychic Reader and from some of the input I got from clients and their experiences.

1. A psychic reading is based on patterns of events, in fact on your karmic pattern of cause and effect at that moment.

2. The future is not set in stone. It's in a constant fluid motion, just as your life. This actually builds on #1 but adding that you always have a choice in how you act and react to any situation that presents itself. If you don't like where the patters of events are leading to in your reading, you cna take that information and change your choices and how you approach those future events.

3. Being a Psychic does not mean one can read minds. When getting a reading it is best if you tell the reader what you would like to look at. If you leave it up to the reader, she could pick up on something else completely different then what your interested in hearing about. Which can leave you feeling frustrated.

4. Do not play stump the psychic! Not only is it irritating and insulting to the reader but it really does waste your time and money. A 30 minute reading goes by much quicker than you think. If your trying out a new psychic I recommend asking a couple of questions about something that you are very well aware of and see what she gets. That way you can feel comfortable with her abilities and the reader does not feel insulted.

5. Which brings me to the fact that sometimes a reader may not get a good and clear connection with you or the situation being asked about. This can and does happen, it's happened with me before. If you feel that this is the case deffinately speak up. An honest and professional reader will have a five minute policy in place where if you are not satisfied within those first five minutes you could get a refund or referred to another reader. But do keep in mind that this could sometimes be because you are not in a place to hear the truth, so it becomes a defense mechanism. I have had this experience as well.

6. Be aware that just as there are many honest, professional and talented readers there are also many scammers. Here's a few things to keep a look out for:

  • being told there is a curse on you and fo a nominal fee they can fix it.

  • the reader is snapping answers back at you as soon as the question leaves your lips. If thier using cards they need to take a second and pull the cards, even to take a few seconds to focus on your question.

  • the reader tells you to call again the next days as she will have more information. There really is no reason to be continually calling on the same situation day after day. The reading might change slightly from day to day, but unless something significant happenes the reading would not change that drastically.

7. When the situation in question is in a tumultuous and chaotic state and involves more than one quarrent (you), keep in mind that the outcome is also in a state of flux. Going back to #2; this means that choices are continually presenting themselves, it's a time of change, to offer new directions. It's as if the universe has shaken the rug beneath your feet and everything has been thrown up in the air. This makes it a little more difficult to predict the future. It is best to approach these types of readings with questions that are more focussed on intrinsic change rather than the extrinisic activities around you.

8. Don't be affraid to ask questions about the reading, about her methods, or even about how she got into doing this in the first place. A professional reader would never be offended or annoyed. In fact it's important in building a report and the foundation of a good relationship between you and the reader.

9. If you go to multiple readers on the same topic you will most likely get different perspectives on the same topic. It's no different then multiple people seeing an event happen and when you ask them to describe it you will get different descriptions. So keep this in mind when comparing readings.

10. A good reader should not put her personal judgement on the information (this is ego talking). A good reader should just pass the messages to you. BUT, at the same time, do not expect the reader to necessarily know how those images and symbols pertain to you or the question asked. The symbology is something for you to comprehend and apply to the bigger picture of what you are asking about. Just like the image of an apple means one thing to me and something different to you. If you ask the reader, she can try to help you understand the symbology.

Ultimately, Psychic Readings are a wonderful tool to help you understnd yourself in situations that occur in life. The key is to find a reader that feels right for you and to enjoy the reading.

Happy Hunting!!!!