Monday, March 3, 2008

2012, Understanding the Spiritual Shift through Meditation

As many of you know I am currently in the process of getting my yoga teacher certification and I recently came accross this interesting idea of using Vipassana meditation to understand the upcoming spiritual change of 2012. Since I so often get asked about the upcoming shift I think this would be a great way of gaining a deeper understanding of how you could be affected and what change you might want to make within yourself.
Understanding 2012 with Meditation

There are many predictions for the coming change in the year 2012; from it being called the end of time, the end of the world, and cataclysmic events, to an elevation in conscious awareness, a time of truth, higher vibration and unconditional love, and a true connection with Source.

Personally, from everything that I have read on this subject, I believe there are many levels to this change. There will be changes felt on the material, mental, and spiritual plane. 2012 is the end of a galactic cycle, an evolutionary shift, a group consciousness shift. It is a change in the vibrational frequency of the planet and therefore all the living beings on it. How you will be affected is up to you. If you are attached to the old ways and fear letting go then you will experience the cataclysmic effects many have predicted and speak about. If you let go and welcome the Source into your heart and life, if you remove the veils of illusion, and allow change to happen then the experience will be much easier and much more beautiful. You will be able to see beyond the initial chaos of change. Some of the key factors of experiencing this change are your perception and control of the fluctuations of your mind, and an ability to allow change to happen. Some additional factors are the understanding and acceptance of truth and unconditional love.

For now I will be talking about my understanding of the coming spiritual change. We will experience a great spiritual awakening. There will be many who will have a difficult time with it and there are many who are already waking up in preparation. There are even some who will be called upon by greater powers to assist others in shifting. We will be given the opportunity to truly experience our connection with source, our connection to each other, animals, plants, Earth, and our Universe. Through the complete abandonment of our ego we will reconnect with our divine selves on the deepest level. The veil of illusion and its consequent limitations will be lifted and truth will prevail on all levels. Our vibrations will be raised to new highs, and we will truly become beacons of unconditional love.

Interestingly, in my readings and studies I have come across the concept of using Vipassana meditation as a method of spiritual teaching to understand and experience the upcoming galactic shift of 2012.

John Major Jenkins in the book The Mysteries of 2012 proposes ‘that Mayan mystics practiced yoga and breathing meditation…called vipassana meditation.’ This method focuses on the breath cycle and is sometimes referred to as “insight meditation”. This technique fosters insight into the deep connections of mind and matter through experiential observation.

He further states that in various paintings and carvings Mayan kings and shamans are depicted sitting on their thrones in the full lotus position. This sitting position is and was used for sitting in meditation for long periods of time and encourages proper breathing through pranayama or breath control. The breath cycle maps onto the peaks and troughs of the great Mayan 26,000 year cycle of precession that, with the year 2012, will be coming to completion (still point of maximum in-breath).

Cycles have movements of increase and decrease, for example the moon waxes and wanes. There is a center point between the increase and the decrease of cycles. This is the still point of the maximum in-breath. This point is comparable to our universes’ galactic center; it is like midday, the highest point of light. This is union with the Source. The precession cycles’ beginning and end point is the galactic alignment that will occur on 12/21/2012; the winter solstice.

There is also a center point between the decrease and increase of cycles. This is the still point of maximum out-breath. Mr. Jenkins calls this furthest point the galactic midnight, the point between death and rebirth. This is the furthest point away from the center, the furthest point from Source. He calls this point a doorway beyond the fluctuating cycles of time where you can experience the still of eternity.

By entering the still point alignment of midday and midnight, waxing and waning, death and rebirth, male and female, yin and yang, we reach a spiritual elevation that transcends the cycles of time; a place where the illusions of lower vibrational/plane awareness are revealed.

The key is the breath, the link to our divine self. The conscious breath is being present, it means being aware/awake to the truth within. It means being conscious of our actions, our desires, our emotions, our visions, and our love. When this happens clarity is achieved. With clarity illusions are let go of, we draw the blinds back and light illuminates our soul. We are once again reunited with our divine self and our reality is expanded. Our understanding of reality and how we function in it is expanded. It is then when we can truly understand how to truly live in joy and follow our bliss. To love with an open heart! This is the spiritual change of 2012.

by Anne Marie 3/2008