Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Aquarius Solar Eclipse/New Moon: February 6, 2008

As this is a big year for promising change and this is quite a significant planetary event that strongly effects everyone I posted the following astrology reading from AstroFlash...

Aquarius Solar Eclipse/New Moon: February 6, 2008
with Barbara Handclow

It is the New Moon in 18 Aquarius, a potent solar eclipse that energizes Aquarius's search for freedom. This eclipse challenges all the people of Earth to seek spiritual access and peace. In general, Aquarian placements inspire us to consider our personal progress and to weigh its influence on the human collective. What are your personal ideals? Are these treasured gifts honored in the collective field? If you managed to ground yourself and restructure your consciousness during the Capricorn lunation, now you're ready to birth your own true creativity during Aquarius. If you didn't manage to ground and restructure your priorities during Capricorn last month, then as the Aquarius vibrations come in, you may just feel like being an irresponsible rebel. The normal reckless Aquarian tendencies are wildly exaggerated because of the wild stellium of Chiron, Mercury, and Neptune during the New Moon.

This solar eclipse in Aquarius will end up being memorable because all the planets in Aquarius are greatly energized by the eclipse. During solar eclipses, the lunar/ feminine energy blocks the solar/masculine energy; intuition is at an all-time high. People find they just "know" things. This is especially the case with this New Moon because Chiron, Mercury, and Neptune are involved, the key enhancers of clear intuition and healing. Be sure to observe synchronicities on this day!

First, I will analyze this amazing grouping in Aquarius. And I'd like to say that where I really mastered astrology was by studying astrodrama, which is to act out the planetary vibrations, aspects, and signs in their correct positions in the natal chart. If I were playacting this stellium, I think I would try to get Sun/Moon, Mercury/Chiron, and Neptune to buzz their songs like a hive of activated bees.

Stelliums are hard to interpret because the natural essences of each planet are all mixed with the expressions of the other occupants of the range; all the other planets aspecting the stellium are ringing the same bell. Thus, individuals who have two or more planets very closely conjunct in their natal charts (planetary pair or stellium) always have trouble sorting out the unique vibration of each planet. For example, a person who has Mercury conjunct Mars mixes together pure aggressive energy and mental responses. They don't easily know what their mind feels like when it is operating all by itself, which is normally like the flow of computer processing. For someone with Mercury/Mars conjunct, thoughts are charged with aggressive feelings, and taking action always feels mental.

Imagining what this Aquarian combination of energies might create, we begin with Chiron in Aquarius, which has been transforming our bodies and the planet by means of radical new healing forces since 2005 and will continue through 2011. With Chiron in Aquarius occurring during the end of the Mayan Calendar, we are mutating as rapidly as our ancestors were when the first amphibian walked on land and became a reptile three hundred and fifteen million years ago. Mercury retrograde in Aquarius means we can only detect end results by means of our intuition; rational thinking won't work until after February 18. Well, the New Moon solar eclipse in Aquarius will blast open our intuition so much that it will be difficult to remember who we were before. And Neptune in Aquarius has been causing a revolution in the world religions and planetary philosophy since 1998, which will be complete during 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar. As I've noted many times before, we are mutating very rapidly now. This solar eclipse will slam shut a lot of doorways to now-useless patterns.

Mixing these elements together and making them into a delicious paella, our mental transformation will be healing and highly spiritual and brilliant, while our emotions and core sense of self integrate during this massive consciousness opening-the eclipse of the Sun. Do not expect this total reformulation of your mind to be easy. Most people will feel agitated, fearful, ungrounded, and just plain zapped. Since Super Tuesday of the US presidential primaries occurs just before this eclipse, the various candidates will be closing many of the doorways to old patterns. Meanwhile, the aspects to the stellium tell another story: This brilliant reformulation of humanity will arrive and affect our species for a few hours during the eclipse while newly-direct Mars in Gemini trines the stellium and weaves all the Aquarian threads neatly together.
Mars is a big player on Earth right now. Mars went retrograde in Cancer in mid-November on the Bush and 1776 USA Sun and moved all the way back to 24 Gemini (on the USA 1776 Mars), and then went direct January 30, a few days before this New Moon. As soon as Mars pulled back close to the 1776 Mars, the US and Israel began saber rattling at Iran. An attack on Iran still remains a possible outcome during the retrograde Mars in Cancer; however, the USA was so preoccupied by the deepening financial collapse in the housing sector that this neocon agenda was thwarted earlier this month, and may continue to be. Pluto moved into Capricorn on January 26, and new structural patterns are emerging through the US primaries. Watch carefully what the winners of Super Tuesday have to say!

Neptune in 22 Aquarius closely trines Mars in 24 Gemini, which means spiritual forces for peace are very strong. World religious leaders may come forth to demand peace and disarmament. Because Chiron and Mercury are exactly conjunct, and Mercury has just gone retrograde, leaders and individuals will be seized with the knowing that we must purge human killing tendencies. There will be a massive disgust over spilling blood and destroying societies just so that arms manufacturers can have their profits and power-hungry rulers can push people around. This massive knowing will be emotional and mental because of the eclipse, but it will also create new structures due to Pluto moving into Capricorn.

Jupiter in Capricorn is close to Venus in Capricorn (exact 2-1-08), which enhances feminine knowledge and expansion. Many people will see that the return of feminine guidance and leadership is what will stop war and profiteering. Venus/Jupiter in Capricorn sextile Uranus in Pisces, which means the feminine will awaken, which will be very spiritual and enveloping. This sextile suggests that people will just surrender to the coming wave of peace as they melt in waves of love. Yet, with Pluto opposing newly direct Mars, it is hard to predict just how much violence will still be going on. But, regardless of what soldiers and politicians are doing, the vast majority of people on the planet will oppose this behavior. In this sense, war is already gone, and the question left is how many will die before it's over? One thing for sure, there are no longer any winners.
As in the past, human aggression can be tempered by feminine influence, and Saturn in Virgo is helping make this happen. With Saturn in retrograde, deep thought and constant review of our actions is going on. During the New Moon, Saturn trines Venus/Jupiter in Capricorn; this enhances the potential for the rebirth of the feminine. Pluto newly-arrived in Capricorn and Venus/Jupiter in Capricorn trining Saturn in Virgo suggest that the agent for change in human behavior is financial collapse, which has already started. So, to be a bit more graphic, the love and protection of home is a Cancerian and female trait, and as people lose their homes as well as sons and daughters to the martial destructive forces, not enough people will be willing to support war to keep it viable. Too many people are losing their children, money, and homes. This eclipse could be the big turning point in the shift to peace that is prophesized in The Mayan Code.