Thursday, August 28, 2008

August Eclipses, Karma, and Grounding into the Present

Wow, it’s been a while since I made an entry. I wanted to take some time off, turn inwards, take care of some things, and to enjoy the summer. I did, even if it was a little bumpy at times. I do have to say I have been able to make some big steps forward and really let things go. This particular news letter will be a two part series with some great info on the energetic changes and opportunities we are all being presented with and things that we can do and implement in our routine to make positive changes and improvements in your life.

Augusts Eclipses, Your Karma, and How To Keep Grounded Into The Present

August in particular had some crazy energy fluctuations! We had a rare solar eclipse in Leo on the 1st of the month then the next week on the 8th was the power of the date 888 (8,8,2008; which if you add up comes to 8), then the next weekend was the follow up lunar eclipse in Aquarius on the 16th (the pictures you see are of the eclipses from AP and Reuters).

All this energy had to do with karma; turning inward, becoming aware of the patterns, facing it, and the challenge of releasing it all to really be able to move out of denseness into lighter energy, bring in more light, and truly become creators of our futures. Karma, very simply put, is patterns of energy that are held in our etheric bodies and our physical bodies. There is also group conciseness karma that can pertain to relationships, family, countries, and even humanity as a whole.

Sometimes we can feel karma is dictating our life, our future and that we don’t have any control, its destiny. Some even feel that it is punishment. One thing we all forget when we come into this world is that we ultimately have a choice. And most importantly we have a choice as to whether we want to continue to let karma dictate what is to happen and our behavior. It is much easier to just play victims of karma than it is to have the courage to face the issues around our karma. It can be easier to place the responsibility outside of ourselves and point fingers but it doesn’t resolve anything and many times just exacerbates the issues involved. That is why we are seeing what we are seeing going on around this earth at this time. It’s all about facing the stuff inside ourselves and the stuff we’ve allowed ourselves to become part of.

So we are all experiencing quite a bit of chaos, uncertainty, and physical reactions through all this. I have found that many people I speak with have been experiencing exhaustion and neck and back discomfort or injuries; including myself. Keep in mind we are purging our karma on many levels and that is what we are feeling; the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical purging. But all this purging means new space in our beings and our paths to create what we truly desire without restriction of the past. That’s truly a gift!

Right now, amongst all this opportunity, change, and chaos happening in the world and the human consciousness, even down to the hectic day to day stuff of our lives it is really important to stay grounded and bring our awareness back to the present while in a detached manner* planning for the future. This will really help keep our focus on the opportunities now arising, our sanity, and be able to more clearly see what it is time to let go of and change. Staying grounded helps us distress, and most importantly helps us appreciate what we have today. This brings us peace, clarity, teaches us acceptance, and helps us detach ourselves from what is holding us back by not allowing distraction to cloud the reality of today.

This doesn’t mean denying that something isn’t pleasant, this means accepting today for what it is and not letting it dictate where you are going and how you are experiencing your life. By grounding you recharge your batteries, gain focus, and can let go of what doesn’t belong to you**.

You become attuned to nature and the planet you live on, are made of, and need to survive. You gain better understanding of the cycles of nature and how you are a part of them, how you affect nature, and in turn you gain insight in how to live to benefit and add to nature and the collective consciousness.

You can start by stopping, sitting or laying somewhere comfortable, and really take in a deep breath. Be silent, close your eyes and bring your awareness to your breath without judgment on what you notice going on in your body, just awareness. Feel yourself breathing; listen to the breath as it moves in and out. Begin by scheduling this into your life. Either, while on your lunch break or even lying in bed preparing to go to sleep but schedule it into your day. It doesn’t need to be more than 5 minutes, but if you can do this for 15 minutes, even better! If you miss a day that’s fine, don’t judge yourself, just do it that day when you notice you missed one.

In the next few weeks I will post the next steps to take for grounding. First you must practice bringing your awareness back into you, back into the moment (right now)….

* Being detached from the future means that you are not stuck to an outcome. Place your intention / plan and let things unfold; shifting direction if something is not liked.

** In your day to day experiences you can pick up negativity from your environment and the people around you and hold it in your own energy field and body creating imbalance, stress, and physical discomfort.

Posted by Anne Marie Wells 8/28/2008