Friday, January 18, 2008

Make Changes for 2008 through the POWER OF SELF EXPRESSION

Well, it's been a few months since my last entry but boy have they been a few crazy months! Lots of stuff shifting and changing and now it's a whole new year 2008. This year is astrologically and energetically offering us a lot of opportunity to make changes happen that will affect not just ourselves but the collective of the planet. If we stay conscious and present in our choices and where we focus our attention we can band all our energies together and move mountains by 2009!

So through all the craziness that I experienced in the last few months I realized something. I had the opportunity to experience and witness -

The Power of Self Expression

In the past few months it has really become evident to me how important self expression is. Without self expression we become stagnant, unhappy, and feel resentful, sad, angry, and even feeling out of control or lost.

So many of us have been taught by our elders, teachers, and religious institutions to spurn self expression; we have been told that it is disrespectful, disruptive, upsetting, and unhealthy. They have promoted the suppression of it through guilt, and by calling it a weakness or an emotional problem.

To the contrary, I have found that self expression is a key factor in creating a perfect existence! When it is done in a safe and positive manner it creates peace through the expression of our truth; be it vocal, physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental.

Through self expression we become the creator of our reality, our life. It is practicing free will, and it allows us to step out of victimhood.

Oh how much struggle and sadness we create through the suppression of who we are and what we feel! A lack of self expression leads to stagnation by keeping us in a frozen state, unable to move beyond the suppressed expression. We are not able to move anywhere that the suppressed expression cannot move to. The power we feel we have through the process of suppression is an illusion. In fact we give up our power to the suppressed expression.

Think of the stress that suppression of self expression creates! Think of the biochemical and hormonal affects of the act of suppression on our body. It stimulates our autonomic nervous system by affecting a state of fight or flight every time the issue comes to the surface. This in turn effects the hormonal production of the endocrine system and stresses the limbic system which is desperately trying to filter out all the toxins that are being released in our bodies by the stress response. Over long periods of time this can affect muscles creating soreness and stiffness, hypertension which is directly caused by stress, and even affects our organs.

With healthy self expression we create freedom in our lives. There is no more hiding the truth and we can experience great relief from “getting it off our chests”. No longer are we tied down by the fear of “being found out”. We are no longer shackled to the suppression of the expression and the subsequent pain, fear, and quilt that our brain cloaks it with to further perpetuate the continuing suppression of this “horrible” expression. We no longer hide things from ourselves. This is being true to oneself; by accepting every aspect of ourselves!

Self expression gives us a say in creating our future instead of allowing others to do it for us. This brings about a state of self love and self nurturing that can only lead to positive change and growth. It allows for a natural, healthy and joyful flow of pure creative energy (chi, spiritual energy, god energy, what ever you would like to call it). This is the energy that moves, enriches and heals our bodies and our lives; it enlightens every aspect of our lives and the path that lies ahead.

A problem cannot be resolved until it is known. Self expression allows us to clear our emotional blockages through the awareness and integration of our fears and joys. In turn, allowing us to become more understanding and compassionate leading us to attain a new level of consciousness.

Self expression allows for smoother and easier transitions through life’s difficulties and choices by allowing us to be centered in who we are. When we openly express who we are and how we feel we are more in touch with ourselves and therefore more aware of how we are affected by these difficulties and choices; giving us clarity and courage to do the things and make the choices that are best for us and those we love! It creates a balanced state between love and unity (all of us including every life on this planet being interconnected therefore effecting one another through our actions) and separateness (maintaining individuality and free will)

Where would Einstein have ended up if he allowed his misguided teachers to suppress his self expression? They thought him to be an unruly and unintelligent. His parents would have never recognized his genius and we would have never gotten E=MC2. We wouldn’t have had Leonardo daVinci’s beautiful and meaningful paintings using the mathematical science of sacred geometry, Nicolaus Copernicus and his theory that the sun was at the center of our universe and the earth rotated around it, which at the time was viewed as sacrilege, would not have been discussed. And what about the famous European thinkers: the Pholosphes? Who, through their various intellectual interests, expressions, and great risks to their personal safety inspired the European Enlightment that eventually led to the formation of the American Republic? All these self expressions changed millions of lives for hundreds of years!

So go out there and make change happen; empower yourself and others with your beautiful self expression!

By Anne Marie Wells 1/18/2008